Building Bridges Strengthens Foundation Faith

It’s a well-known fact that walking and talking is good for the soul. Whilst the body is busy, the mind roams free. Couple that with the ‘mellow fruitfulness’ that a fine autumn English afternoon offers and you know that you’re in for a couple of hours of peaceful rejuvenation.

Princethorpe Director of Ethos, Mr Kieran McCullough joined hands with Mrs Jackson-Mayne and Junior 4 pupils on Wednesday 28 September to undertake a ‘Walk of Faith.’ Accompanied by fourteen College Sixth Formers they made their way to Kenilworth Common and The Greenway to explore nature, art and faith. This dense, wild refuge has ancient roots and provided the perfect hideaway for groups to create their forest collages expressing feelings about the natural world. This was all about building relationships and strengthening the bonds between young and old. College Sixth Formers tapped into their childhood play mode and assisted with the building of Lego churches whilst chatting about life and faith. There were prayers and moments of quiet reflection to accompany the afternoon’s gentle stroll. Soon the rhythm of the outdoors washed away the niggles of classroom life and an opportune moment took place across The Greenway bridge with Junior 4 and Sixth Form pupils holding hands to symbolise the friendships that had been formed.