Crackley Raises Roof At Young Voices

Not even the baton wielded by Conductor David Lawrence could attain the heights scaled by our Junior 4 and 5 singers at arguably the largest school choir concert in the world. For those new to the event, the spectacle played host to over six and a half thousand children from around 120 Midlands schools at the Genting Arena for a celebration of song and dance. This event isn't such a success by chance; just ask any member of our J4 and J5 classes, as they'll testify to the three months of solid rehearsal they've put in under the guidance of Mrs Olden, Mrs Wildey and Miss Kefalas.

Such hard work and dedication was bound to pay off and as the lights dimmed, the excitement and anticipation around the arena was electric. A veritable feast of all music genres entertained and enthralled in equal measure. With dance moves mastered, our children now blurred the distinction between audience and performer, as the acts on stage including the Beat Box Collective, Urban Strides, Natalie Williams and Tabby Callaghan, plugged into the energy our singers gave.

And how our children sang! The hours of practice in school, classroom, car and kitchen evidently paid off, with a perfect performance of such a varied set list. This included classics such as 'Sing!', indie rock in the guise of 'Bird House of Your Soul', a rock medley with a superb performance of ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ which saw some nostalgic head banging from parents, staff and even children, and a pop medley to finish. The Chronicle is reliably informed that hugs were exchanged and many tears shed. Just like you, we can't wait for next year's Young Voices dates.