Foundation Head Boys Discuss Roles, Responsibilities And… Mums

Okay, so here’s the rub; name three things that Jamie Smith and Lloyd Ellis have in common: curly blond hair, a passion for sport and… they’re both Head Boys. Oh, and they’re also cousins. Really?

For the first time in the Foundation’s history the Head Boy of Crackley Hall and the Head Boy of Princethorpe College are related. “Our mums are sisters,” explains Lloyd, and the family likeness is immediately apparent as soon as you see the boys together. With seven years separating them these two are finding many similarities in their role. Lloyd, who accepted his role of office in April 2016 was there to watch the announcement on stage at The Spa Centre last June when younger cousin Jamie was declared Crackley Hall Head Boy. Those of us who were there won’t easily forget Jamie’s delighted little face as he fought to remain composed as Mr Duigan shook his hand. Since then both have had the chance to settle in to their posts. For Upper Sixth Former Lloyd, a normal week might involve conducting tours of the College, attending Old Princethorpian events or visiting tutor groups to get to know pupils across the school. For ten-year-old Jamie he has already read in Mass and attended a Past Pupils Mass which was held at Crackley Hall last weekend.

Both boys thrive on keeping busy with Jamie passionate about football and Lloyd, an English Schools national standard hurdler, who as well as training also coaches athletics twice a week. For each of them this year will signify landmark shifts in their academic careers with Jamie preparing for secondary school Entrance Examinations and Lloyd studying for his A-Levels and future plans to read History and International Relations at Utrecht University, Holland.

With Foundation values firmly at the heart of all that they do (Lloyd is a past Crackley Hall pupil 2007-10) both recognise that they are also role models to each school community. “I think I probably know the first names of over half the students at Princethorpe,” explains Lloyd who sees the personal touch as being a vital part of communication at the College. Jamie, who’s unusually reserved when I chat to him, excels in the classroom and involves himself in everything Crackley Hall has to offer whilst remaining kind and generous to everyone he meets. Both epitomise all that is so good about the Foundation.

Before we leave I ask them if they’d like to reveal a little secret about each other but disappointingly neither has any dirt to dish – other than the fact that Lloyd isn’t too keen on Jamie’s pet gerbils! This is perhaps the most telling testament to the cousins’ integrity which underpins their conduct as Head Boy.

We wish them both well with the busy academic year ahead.

Image shows; Crackley Hall Head Boy Jamie Smith and Princethorpe College Head Boy Lloyd Ellis