From Schoolboy To Astronaut: Toby Rubs Shoulders With Olympic Swimmer Adam Peaty

Junior 6 actor Toby Convey swapped his school uniform for an astronaut suit to star in Sun Pat Peanut Butter’s ‘Fuel Your Dreams’ advertising campaign. The ten-year-old described the day’s filming at London’s Imperial War Museum as ‘one of the best of his life.’

Treated like a celebrity throughout the shoot, Toby got to rub shoulders with Olympic Champion swimmer Adam Peaty and Olympic presenter Helen Skelton; both of whom were also starring in the campaign. Toby explains, “They were dressed up as a pilot (Adam’s childhood ambition) and a vet, this is what Helen wanted to be before she went on Blue Peter. Me and the other child actors were given costumes showing the sorts of jobs children would like to do when they were older. I was given an astronaut suit that to be honest was a bit small for me but it didn’t matter. I had to move like a space man and was filmed eating peanut butter and mingling with the other children. It was brilliant fun. Adam Peaty and Helen Skelton were so nice and easy to get on with. They made us all feel relaxed.”

This is the first professional job that budding actor Toby has worked on but evidently the filming bug has caught him big time. “I’d love to do another one because I really enjoy performing and this just made me feel so special. Afterwards me and my family got to walk around the Imperial War Museum which was brilliant as well and we were given lots of free jars of peanut butter!”

Toby’s mum, Mrs Convey (who is also well known to Crackley Hall as a Teaching Assistant) added, “Toby was so good throughout the day. He really was treated like a film star with people fetching him a glass of water or whatever he needed. For him to have the added bonus of working alongside Adam Peaty and Helen Skelton was the icing on the cake.”

To view the advert click here (link through to YouTube)

Images show Toby Convey with Helen Skelton and Adam Peaty