Happy 100th Birthday Roald Dahl!

Who would have known that Reception’s Leo Warne shared his birthday on 13 September with one of the most famous children’s story writers this country has ever known? Whilst Leo was wide-eyed about turning 5 years old, Crackley Hall celebrated the 100th birthday of Mr Roald Dahl. A centenary anniversary assembly saw teachers trotting into The Gables dressed as Witches, Farmers and Foxes.

Mrs Van Zyl, colourfully fluffed up in the guise of a Roly-Poly bird, read from The Enormous Crocodile. Mrs Jackson-Mayne braved a stout furry fox tail (as fantastic Mr Fox) in sweltering September temperatures to inform everyone about the Cardiff born writer’s early life and varied jobs. Even Mrs Barnard in the office made the airy decision to put on her wings and spots and arrive at work dressed as The Ladybird from James and the Giant Peach.

Roald Dahl brings out the child in all of us whether we’re five or one hundred and five. Certainly Mrs Holmes, dressed as naughty Little Red Riding Hood, convinced us all of that as she led her class up the stairs with a glint in her eye…