His Face Tells You All You Need To Know About What He Thinks of Musical Theatre

Ten-year-old Tom Lomas is a no-nonsense sort of boy who, at first meeting, comes across as quite serious about life. But dig a little deeper and he’s a picture of animation; especially when discussing his great passion in life; musical theatre.

Fresh from his first major production with Playbox Theatre, where he played the part of a villager in Beauty and The Beast, Tom has soaked up the experience and wants more. “I just loved it. There were six public performances and I was nervous for the first one but then I just felt excited before every show.” Having started rehearsals over the summer holidays, Tom explains that he enjoyed every part of the process and didn’t mind giving up his spare time to prepare for the show. “I liked working with actors of all different ages. Everyone got on so well and made you feel part of the team.”

Committing to performance seems to run in this family with older sister Mary (who is in Year 8 at Princethorpe College) currently trialling as many instruments as she can muster with Tom giving her a pretty good run for her money. “I’m preparing for my Musical Theatre Grade 5 exam as well as playing the cello, piano and drums.” With so many performance strings to his bow it would seem that a future on stage is beckoning this young man.

“I’m excited about some upcoming auditions that I’ve got including one that is a for a film,” Tom reveals, “I’d like to do as much as I can.”

Plenty of in-house opportunities at Crackley Hall are also just around the corner as we wait to hear what Mrs Olden’s Performing Arts plans for the year will be. For Tom, the memories of Beauty and The Beast are still magnificently alive. We look forward to hearing more about where his next steps will take him.

Image shows Tom, far left, performing in Playbox Theatre’s production of Beauty and The Beast.