In The Frame; Eva’s World In Front Of The Camera

“Sometimes it can feel a bit funny with everyone looking at you as the camera is pointing, but you quickly get used to it.” Junior 5’s Eva Lenton, as you may remember, was the face of a well-known supermarket’s 2015 Christmas campaign. Her delightful smile and utterly photogenic look is clearly a winner in front of the camera. And the bubbly nine-year-old has been up to more filming for various household products including Nurofen and Pataks curry sauces in recent months.

When explaining what she loves about the world of modelling and advertising Eva adds, “I got to go to Poland with my mum, Jessica, to film the Nurofen advert and she was in it as well – so that was brilliant. The Pataks was in London and I had to eat some of the spicy food which I didn’t really like but me and my mum were given a free breakfast!”

Eva is looking ahead to the future where more projects are on the horizon and we’re certainly looking forward to hearing more about her exciting news.