J1G Display their Talent for Art

The ever-industrious children of J1G have produced excellent pictures created entirely from everyday objects and their imagination. Inspired by the Spanish magical realist artist Joan Miro, our budding painters drew on his Surrealist and Dadaist influences to repurpose everyday objects including a cup, Lego and lollipop stick as artists’ utensils to make their mark.

Coming together as a 'creative energy production line', each student produced a unique piece, where implements not previously noted as artists' stamps created a sublime picture of note. Such marks transcended their origin, as they came together to form exceptional original works. The delight expressed by Mrs. Hardwick is tangible, as she almost 'fizzed' with excitement when she talked about the children’s work. Well done J1G, no doubt you'll view all objects that come before you with a renewed artist’s vigour.