J1W Become Seasoned Storytellers

Keeping the focus and attention of a five year old is something that even adults can struggle with, so imagine a room full of expectant Reception children eager for some excitement. For this reason, we all must applaud Mrs Wildey's J1 class, who rose to their challenge, namely write a story entitled 'We All Went on Safari' that contained lots of adjectives and number words to entertain their younger neighbours.

The stories showed a creativity and competency beyond their years, where animals such as hippos and warthogs came face to face with each other with a snort or a honk! A delighted Mrs Wildey beamed, “The children worked tirelessly all week on these Safari books, knowing they were going to read them to the Reception children. They used some brilliant adjectives and enjoyed using their number words to let the reader know how many animals they had met.” Well done children, we have a feeling that 'story time' within the Key Stage 1 timetable could be delivered from anyone in the classroom.