U10 ISA Midlands Five-A-Side Football: A Fabulous Result Despite Dreadful Conditions

Crackley Hall’s footballing pedigree just keeps getting better and better. And if this young side are anything to go by the forthcoming season looks full of promise. The team of Junior 5 boys, not forgetting the indomitable Junior 4 addition Samuel James (who scored 6 goals during the tournament) travelled to Dixie Grammar School for the Midlands U10 Five-a-Side Tournament. With this the first ISA sporting fixture of the new academic year it was early days to pull the team together but heroically Mr Ferris selected a strong side who each brought different skills to the pitch. Firstly, the team are to be congratulated on braving the elements before they even kicked a single ball. It’s bad enough playing one game in streaming autumnal rain but these guys were gutsy enough to put adverse conditions to one side and focus on what mattered; scoring goals.

The round robin set up saw Crackley playing five games of which they won four. This took them to the play off against the winners of Group 2; Old Vicarage. This team was blessed with one exceptional player (who has been signed by Derby County F.C) who managed to dominate the game taking the final score to 0-2. Unperturbed, Mr Ferris did what he is known best for and rallied the boys’ spirits before the play off for third and fourth overall position. He reminded them that out of fourteen participating teams they had still excelled in getting so far. With forces mustered the boys trouped out onto the field against Ruckleigh. Tired, cold and wet they played a sure footed game unfortunately only just losing out by one goal 1-2 giving Crackley Hall a final fourth place overall.

“The boys were superb,” added Mr Ferris, “Man of the match was goal keeper Fynn Walker who was outstanding all day. Calan Byrne led the team well and Ben Rose was excellent in defence. This was a hard fought tournament that all of us have learnt a lot from. We’re rooting for our next fixture where we can put all those lessons into place.”

Crackley Hall’s U10 ISA Football Team: Calan Byrne, Fynn Walker, Samuel James, Benedek Kordas, Ben Rose, Sid Weir, Oliver Farquharson and Jamie Phillips