Vicious Vikings Invade Crackley Hall

Junior 4 children left modern day Britain behind, for a far more primitive and vicious Viking World. The children and staff came to school in Viking costumes, took Viking names and spent the whole day finding out about Viking life.

They began their day in a Viking village, gathering around the fire to listen to the Viking Chief, Lord Utred. He tasked them with exploring the village and getting hands on with ‘Dark Ages’ crafts such as candle making, pottery, rope making, fabricating jewellery, producing their own ink for Viking writing and even concocting Viking medicines and potions to heal themselves.

The children then went on to be trained as Viking warriors, learning the skills they would need to protect the village from the invading Anglo Saxons. They listened to battle tales of King Alfred and then learnt about Viking discipline and organisation in battle. Then it was time to head outside to practise Viking drills and fighting. They had the chance to handle artefacts, wear armour and even learn the art of handling a Viking sword.

During the day the children also had the opportunity to become real life archaeologists, carefully brushing away soil to find objects and were shown how to categorise their findings just as a real archaeologist would.

Our Viking day was led by History Off The Page a specialist company who help bring history to life in the classroom. Their Viking Chief, Lord Utred commented on how the Junior 4 pupils really got into the spirit of things, and the children and staff agreed, it was a fabulously terrifying day, full of laughs and fantastic hands-on learning.