Accomplished Performances Raise Smiles And Applause At Crackley Hall’s Performing Arts Afternoon

Crackley Hall’s KS1 Performing Arts Concert on Wednesday 28 February had The Gables Hall bursting at the seams as parents, families and friends gathered excitedly to enjoy a celebration of the talent of some of our youngest pupils. The afternoon’s concert featured music, poetry, song and dance, testament to the range and talents of these young performers.

Parents were welcomed by Deputy Head Duncan Cottrill, Music Captain Chen Chen Pan and Performing Arts Captain Emily Hennegan.

J1’s Violin Ensemble opened the proceedings with a small selection of their repertoire. The audience then enjoyed a sparky rendition of ‘The Hokey Cokey’ by the J2 Violins, a scary portrayal of ’A Lion’ by Junior 2’s Rhomun Jaswal, a cheerful performance of ‘Happiness’ by Mrs Pavett’s singing group and a finger perfect piano solo ‘Keel Row’ by Nikhil Modi, also from Junior 2. Performances that were all delightful, and raised smiles and applause in equal measure.

The concert continued with a toe-tapping, accomplished performance of ‘Mary had a little lamb’ by the Mini Brass group, followed by P Buzz with the ‘Hot Cross Stomp’ on instruments that were clearly as much fun to play as they were a surprise to hear! Elle Weir, Junior 2, gave an enthusiastic performance of ‘This Tooth’ and Mollie Lucas, Junior 1, was quite outstanding with her violin solo, ‘Long, Long, Ago’. Then it was time for Junior 2s, Yiyang Pan and George Moreton, to get the audience bopping along to their rendition of ‘The Bare Necessities’ and for Junior 1, Isabella Olden to play her piano solo ‘Shortnin’ Bread Boogie’ with considerable maturity.

Junior 1 continued the concert with a stirring rendition of the poem ‘Mary and Sarah’, then Yiyang Pan played a piano solo ‘Asian Tiger’. Junior 1 recorders delighted with ‘At The Ballet’, Junior 2, Elsie Roots recited ‘On The Beach’ and then Junior 2 Oliver Moore took to the stage for a skilled demonstration of Irish Dancing. Mrs Goode’s singing group cheekily brought the afternoon to a happy close with a fun delivery of ‘The Perfect Nanny’.

Our enormous thanks and congratulations go to all our accomplished performers who took to the stage in front of their proud parents, and of course to their teachers who have helped them achieve so much.