Crackley Children Hear Message Of Kindness In New Christmas Classic

Pupils at Crackley Hall School were delighted to meet new children's author Samuel Langley-Swain when he visited the school on Monday 27 November.

Samuel visited the school to talk about story writing and being an author, and to read them his new Christmas story Santa’s Wish.

Santa's Wish is a new children’s picture book, which puts a modern twist on the classic tale Twas the night before Christmas. It is an uplifting story with an inspiring message of kindness, where you discover for the first time, Santa’s own hopes and dreams at Christmas.

Samuel visited each class in turn from the Nursery up to Junior 4 to talk about his work and to read Santa’s Wish to the children. He also spoke to children in Junior 5 and Junior 6, explaining what it was like to be an author, the perseverance required and the work involved in putting together a book. The children had plenty of questions for Samuel too, they were interested in where he draws his inspiration from, the selling process and his plans for his next story.

Samuel is new to writing and this is his first book. He says, “I entered a competition to re-write the classic Twas the night before Christmas, I didn’t win but everyone who read my story told me I just had to publish it – so here I am a year later. I have already started on my next book it is going to be called Elephants in Custard.”

It was fantastic to have Samuel visit the school to talk to the children. His new Christmas story was inspirational and captured the imagination of all the children.

Teaching Assistant, Sophie Blyth, who had organised for Samuel to visit, said, “The story was magical, you could see the children hanging on to every word; you could have heard a pin drop. It was just wonderful!"

Our thanks go to the school PTA who kindly funded Samuel’s visit.