Crackley Hall’s First Vocations Week Recognises The Rewards That Can Be Found In Helping Others

The first ever Vocations Week to be held at Crackley Hall School explored the different occupations and careers that people are specially drawn to or especially suited for. With a full five days of activities, the week, from Monday 30 October to Friday 3 November, was very successful, informative and busy and culminated in a Friday dressing up day with the theme of ‘what I want to do when I am older’.

The week began with RE Co-ordinator, Mrs Jackson-Mayne, explaining the term vocations. She talked to the children about being passionate about something and about using your gifts from God to make a difference to someone’s life.

During the week pupils have participated in presentations from the Police, the Fire Service and the Clergy, learning what leads people to choose such roles and careers and the skills they use to be of service to others.

Vocations Week has also included visits from volunteers who work for four different charities: Zoe’s Place, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Operation Christmas Child and a Blind School in Uganda. The volunteers talked to the children in assemblies and group sessions explaining the rewards they receive from helping others.

One of the volunteers, Kathleen Jackson, explained how her life had taken on new meaning when she met a priest who was asking for donations and equipment for blind children in a school in Uganda.

Another volunteer, Helen Wilkes, from Samaritan’s Purse, the charity that sends shoeboxes filled with Christmas presents around the world, told the pupils that one of her most special memories was of handing out the boxes to the children in Zambia. She recalled hearing the children beat on the boxes ‘like a drum’, watching them take out the first object, hold it high in the air, swing it around and of realising the real joy of receiving a gift.

Parents and members of the parish have also volunteered to give their time to help pupils understand different career paths and how obstacles can be overcome if you are persistent and open to ideas. The school thanked Crackley parent, Sally Dhillon, who spoke to Junior 6 pupils about stereotypes in the work place and parish member, Jan Mockrzyski, who talked to the children about leaving Poland and arriving in England and not knowing a word of English.

On Wednesday, Father Kevin Hooper from St Francis of Assisi Church, Kenilworth, celebrated All Saints Mass, and Junior 4JM led the school community as they offered prayers and thoughts for people who have made sacrifices in their life to help others. The final hymn This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine resonated around the hall, reflecting the mood of the whole week.

Susanne Jackson-Mayne, summed up the week, “I wanted the children to see that there are so many different ways to use their talents to make a difference in the world, I have been inspired by all the people who have visited us this week and I hope the children have been too!”

A selection of photos from Vocations Week.