J1 Motor Down To Coventry Transport Museum

This week our Junior 1 boarded a nice shiny white coach to take the short trip to Coventry Transport Museum to find out more about all manner of man made 'propelled vehicles' to inform their cross-curricular studies in Maths, English and Projects.

There the children participated in a interesting and informative seminar on the history of bicycles, hosted by Shirley, who looks after the Museum's historic pedal collection. The children were fascinated to hear of Coventry's important role in the design, development and manufacture of cycles, beginning with the Boneshaker of the 1820s, moving on to the Penny Farthing and tricyle of the 1880s and for this seminar at least ending with the safety bicycle of 1888.

Keen to apply their newly found knowledge our 'scientific detectives' clutched their 'Wheelie Wicked' activity sheets as they then hunted down all the different types of wheels listed. From supercars, buses, bikes and electric vehicles no vehicle was left unexplored.

Well done Junior 1 your wheelie work was 'wheelie' fantastic.