J4 Sample The Delights Of India

Junior J4s had a fascinating afternoon exploring India in an ‘Indian Experience’ workshop hosted by parents Mrs Mehta (mum to Jia and Aryan), Mrs Dhillon (mum to Kiran) and Mrs Gill (mum to Ajunee). They kindly gave our adventurous Junior 4 geographers an amazing hands-on tour of the culture, food and history of the seventh largest country in the world, 'Incredible India'.

Beginning with some eye popping facts, Mrs Dhillon guided pupils around the geography of a land home to 1.3 billion people. She informed them of its 22 languages, its 29 states, its national emblem, the Bengal Tiger, its weather and its famous buildings. Our junior explorers had plenty of interesting questions for our ‘expert’ mums, who were delighted to share their knowledge and love of the country. The food table proved especially popular, as the bowls of exotic spices: cumin, coriander and fennel conjured up the familiar smells of Indian cuisine. Furthermore, the sugary jalebi dessert provided a perfectly sweet counterpoint to the aforementioned delights.

Mrs Lammas, with her usual infectious passion for her subject, summed up the session, "Immersion makes for memorable learning; it adds experience through the senses, the children were intrigued."

This successful event engaged everyone’s curiosity, the children picked up lots of interesting facts and information to take back into the classroom. A huge thank you to Mrs Gill, Mrs Dhillon and Mrs Mehta for giving so generously of their time and knowledge, it’s really appreciated!