Round of Applause For The Dinosaurs And Nick Cope Of Course!

Crackley Hall was very excited to welcome, children’s songwriter and performer, Nick Cope to school on Wednesday 27 September. Nick treated Key Stage 1, Reception and Nursery and Stay ‘n’ Play children to his own brand of acoustic folk-rock, with three special performances of his most popular songs.

Nick, who gets his inspiration for his creative renditions from the children themselves, was at his best and had everyone, including teachers, up and moving with fingers, ears, mouths and bodies engaged. He treated the children to favourites such as Grow, Grow, Grow, Round of Applause For The Dinosaurs and Clap Your Hands.

The children had a great time and sang and danced along enthusiastically and a lucky few got to join Nick up at the front with glasses and guitars at the ready for a special song.

Nick who very much enjoys his school shows says, “Performing to children is very much the same as performing to adults, only the people jumping around and screaming at the front are a little bit smaller."

Our thanks to Nick for entertaining us all so well.