Stay ‘n’ Play Love Little Signers Sing, Sign And Rhyme

Little Crackers was delighted to welcome Little Signers to our Stay ‘n’ Play toddler group session on Wednesday 25 April. Rachael Hewitt from the Little Signers Club, Warwickshire, ran a short interactive session that used familiar nursery songs to teach the parents and children some basic signs.

This was Rachel’s first visit to Stay ‘n’ Play and our families really enjoyed learning some of the British Sign Language based communication skills. The Sing, Sign and Rhyme class had the children enthralled and they were quickly joining in singing and signing along to old favourites such as ‘Wheels on the bus’ and ‘Wind the bobbin up’.

Research shows that signing has a number of benefits that include developing communication skills, strengthening the bond between parent and child and helping the development of language and literacy skills.

The session was just one from a regular programme of visiting activities at our Stay ‘n’ Play toddler group that runs every Wednesday morning from 10.00 to 11.30am at Little Crackers during term-time. Next month we welcome the dance group Little Rascals; they will be visiting Stay ‘n’ Play on Wednesday 23 May.

Little Signers offer regular classes for parents and children from babies to primary school age where they can enjoy learning the signs together. Little Signers can be contacted by email on or by calling Rachael on 07939 453445.