New Student Roles Of Office Announced

At the start of the Michaelmas term Mr Duigan had the great pleasure of introducing the new student body for 2018-2019 school year and the school prefects for the Michaelmas term.

 A list of the roles is included below.

Head Girl: Francesca Kelly

Head Boy: Joe McCullough

Deputy Head Girl: Caitlin Horan

Deputy Head Boy: Freddie Knott

RE Captain: Maddie Lambeth

Girls' Games Captain: Hannah Wildey

Vice Girls' Games Captain: Amisha Modi

Boys' Games Captain: Sam James

Vice Boys' Games Captain: Toby Lucas

Music Captain: Andrea Zanyi

Performing Arts Captain: Isabella Osborne

Library Captain: Annamaria Kordas

Vice Library Captain: Evangeline Upstone-Wells

Jupiter House Captain: Sebastian Owen

Mars House Captain: Isla Berger

Saturn House Captain: India Ferguson

Venus House Captain: Cecilia Holdgate

Junior 6 Student Councillors: Carys Warrener, Olivia Swinson, Dylan Williams, Andrew Gordon, Alistair Darnell & Martha Harris