Saxon Smorgasbord Savoured By Junior 3

Inspirational teaching triggers the senses and motivates the student to find out more. An excellent exponent of the art is Ms. Holmes (J3 Class Teacher and History Coordinator) who never fails to energise her history curriculum with exercises and demonstrations that transport her pupils to the period under scrutiny.

Take, the smorgasbord of Saxon tasty treats that awaited J3H in their History lesson last Tuesday. Hand picked by Ms. Holmes these foods provided not only the flavour, but the sights and smells of the post-Roman era. A Saxon diet is, they now understand, not unlike the modern equivilent, even if it might look at first sight a little more 'rustic' when served by Ms. Holmes as a Saxon platter.

Now the only question is what will our Junior 3 pupils ask for tea tonight?