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matilda's story

Junior 5 Pupil

02 Apr

I love writing and really enjoy creating stories.  I like having the opportunity to tell the story my way, I never have a problem with ideas, as my imagination is full of them.  I have entered lots of competitions and first won a writing competition when I was only 6-years-old.  I have just been selected as a winner of the Phizz-Whizzing Words Young Writers competition; it is exciting knowing that my story will now be published.

I joined Crackley Hall School in Year 3, I like all my lessons here because I like learning but my favourite subjects are definitely English and Art.  They are both subjects where you can be creative.  I like to work hard and I am proud to have been awarded three Junior Da Vincis (you only get them for really amazing work!) 

Lots of my artwork has been included in the Minnacle magazine, last year my painting of trees was even chosen for the front cover.  

I think all of the teachers here are good, but I especially like Mrs Jackson-Mayne, she taught me last year, I enjoyed her lessons, as she was always funny.

I am in Junior 5 with Mrs Lammas now, and in Mars House and I have a younger brother who is in Junior 2.

Do you enjoy reading?

I absolutely love reading and have read hundreds of books; my most favourite story is Matilda by Roald Dahl.  I especially like it, of course, because we share the same name.  


Do you take part in any school clubs?

I do Netball Club after school, I am not that good at netball but I try really hard, I also enjoy playing hockey.  As well as sports clubs I also do the Maths Challenge Club and Art Club and I am much better at those!


Have you been in any plays at school?

Everyone at Crackley takes part in plays, it is just something we all do.  Last summer I was in the Wizard of Oz in the Summer Production.  Performing in a play is a bit scary – to be honest I would really much rather write one.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

I would really like to be an author and to write lots of books.


Do you play any instruments?

I did learn piano for a while but I now do singing lessons with Miss Pavett.

  • Matilda is a bright spark with a great sense of humour. She is a complete bookworm and must practically read a book a day. She can be quiet and likes to hide her talents but we coax them out of her. She is a joy to teach and has recently achieved three full Da Vinci awards for wonderful work in English, Maths and RE.

    Mrs Lammas
    Junior 5L Teacher