Crackley Hall

Crackley Hall has been described as the ‘next best place to home’ by its pupils. 

Central to the school is its strong Christian ethos, high standards of care and a compelling feeling of community as both staff and parents work together for the good of all the children.

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In this warm, dynamic and engaging environment, we see children’s self esteem and confidence grow as they discover at an early age where their talents lie.

We are the junior school to Princethorpe College, located 15 minutes away between Leamington and Rugby. We share the same ethos, resources and love of learning.

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    1. Nov 20 Tue

      1. 10:30-11:30
        J3 SwimmingAbbey Fields
    2. Nov 21 Wed

      1. 09:00-15:00
        LAMDA ExamsCrackley Hall
      2. 10:00-11:30
        Stay 'n' Play - Paint and GlazeHall
      3. 10:00-10:30
        J4 SwimmingAbbey Fields
      4. 14:30-17:30
        U11 A & B & U10 A Hockey vs Ratcliffe (Away, 2.30pm)Ratcliffe
      5. 14:30-17:30
        U11 A & B and U10 A & B Rugby vs Ratcliffe (Home, 2.30pm)Crackley Hall
      6. 16:00-16:30
        Meeting for Parents re: J6 French TripCrackley Hall
    3. Nov 22 Thu

      1. 06:00-20:00
        ISA National Hockey (Girls, Lee Valley Stadium)Lee Valley Stadium
      2. 09:00-15:00
        LAMDA ExamsCrackley Hall
      3. 14:30-17:30
        U9 A & B Rugby vs Ratcliffe (venue TBC, 2.30pm)TBC
      4. 14:30-17:30
        U9/8 A & B Hockey vs Ratcliffe (venue TBC, 2.30pm)TBC
      5. 19:00-20:00
        Nursery and Reception Open EveningCrackley Hall
    4. Nov 23 Fri

      1. 08:40-09:30
        Celebration AssemblyCrackley Hall
      2. 09:00-15:30
        LAMDA Exams Crackley Hall
      3. 09:10-12:00
        J6 Visit to Abbey FieldsAbbey Fields
    5. Nov 24 Sat

      1. Nov 25 Sun

        1. Nov 26 Mon

          1. Early bird deadline for registering Reception 2019 placesCrackley Hall
          2. 15:30-16:30
            Book Fair in School
          3. 16:00-17:30
            U10 A & B Hockey vs KHPS (Home, 4pm)Warwick Uni
          4. 18:00-20:30
            Trustees Finance Committee MeetingMontargis
          5. 18:30-20:00
            Internet Safety - Parent Information EveningCrackley Hall
        2. Nov 27 Tue

          1. 10:30-11:30
            J3 SwimmingAbbey Fields
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