At Crackley we believe that sport contributes to the overall education of our pupils by helping them to lead full and varied lives, developing their skills and understanding the importance of team work. Children are encouraged to enjoy sport and achieve to the best of their ability.

We are able to offer a great variety of sporting experiences supported by  a dedicated team of specialist sport teachers, some of whom come over regularly from our senior school at Princethorpe to share their passion and enthusiasm with our pupils.

We are fortunate to have a good range of both outside and indoor facilities which we are looking to enhance considerably in the coming years. These include a fully equipped gymnasium, a netball court, a main field for rugby, football, rounders, cricket, athletics as well as a grass area next to the school.

As well as our own facilities we also use Princethorpe College, Warwick University and Abbey Fields Swimming Pool.

We have an extensive inter-school fixture list with matches against local maintained and independent schools which usually take place after school. We also participate in ISA and IAPS tournaments in a variety of sports.

Each year, our pupils give some truly exceptional sporting performances. Their achievements are testament to their hard work and determination which sees many teams across the ages and disciplines securing regional and national accolades. Many of these children go on to form the backbone of sporting teams in their first year at Princethorpe College. 

  1. November 2017

    1. Nov 19 Sun

      1. Nov 20 Mon

        1. Nov 21 Tue

          1. 08:00-17:00
            ISA Swimming Gala (Year 4, 5 & 6, Walsall Baths)Walsall
        2. Nov 22 Wed

          1. 14:00-15:30
            U10 A & B House Rugby (Home, 2pm start)Crackley Hall Playing Fields
          2. 14:30-16:30
            U11 A, B & C Hockey vs Bilton Grange (Away, 2.30pm start)Bilton Grange
        3. Nov 23 Thu

          1. 06:30-19:00
            ISA National Girls Hockey Tournament (Lee Valley Stadium)Lee Valley Stadium
        4. Nov 24 Fri

          1. Nov 25 Sat

            1. Nov 26 Sun

              1. Nov 27 Mon

                1. Nov 28 Tue

                  1. Nov 29 Wed

                    1. 15:00-17:00
                      U11 A & B Rugby vs Bablake (Away, 3pm start)Bablake School
                    2. 15:45-17:30
                      U10 A & B Netball vs Bablake (Away, 3.45pm start)Bablake School
                  2. Nov 30 Thu

                    1. 15:15-16:00
                      U9 Rugby vs Balsall Common (Home, 3.15pm start)Crackley Hall Playing Fields
                2. December 2017

                  1. Dec 01 Fri

                    1. Dec 02 Sat

                      1. Dec 03 Sun

                        1. Dec 04 Mon

                          1. Dec 05 Tue

                            1. Dec 06 Wed

                              1. 15:15-16:00
                                U11 A Rugby vs Balsall Common (Home, 3.15pm start)Crackley Hall Playing Fields
                            2. Dec 07 Thu

                              1. 15:45-17:30
                                U9 A & B Netball vs Bablake (Away, 3.45pm start)Crackley Hall
                            3. Dec 08 Fri

                              1. Dec 09 Sat

                                1. Dec 10 Sun

                                  1. Dec 11 Mon

                                    1. Dec 12 Tue

                                      1. Dec 13 Wed

                                        1. Dec 14 Thu

                                          1. Dec 15 Fri

                                            1. Dec 16 Sat

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                                            Mr Duncan Cottrill

                                            Deputy Head (Academic)

                                            Mr Duncan Cottrill

                                            Mr James Ferris

                                            Assistant Head - Co-Curricular

                                            Mr James Ferris

                                            Mr Peter Harris

                                            Teaching Assistant

                                            Mr Peter Harris

                                            Miss C Jones

                                            Teaching Assistant

                                            Miss C Jones

                                            Mrs Kathryn Vaughan

                                            Teacher - CH

                                            Mrs Kathryn Vaughan

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