The Arts

The performing arts are truly alive and well at Crackley. Specialist teachers inspire children to discover and explore new talents through weekly drama and music lessons. When they are ready they can join the school choir and orchestra, or take up a wide range of musical instruments with our visiting music teachers.  They can showcase their growing skills through a range of performances  from community events and assemblies to school productions and concerts. 

We find that even the most reluctant performers blossom in this safe and fun environment. The benefits are great both inside and outside the classroom and experience at this early age builds confidence and develops skills which can be put to good use in the years to come.

Every year our pupils excel in the LAMDA and Music exams with many earning distinctions for their efforts.

The whole school productions at the end of the Summer Term which are professionally staged at a local theatre, are phenomenally ambitious and successful and each year seem to amaze and delight audiences in equal measure!

  1. November 2017

    1. Nov 19 Sun

      1. Nov 20 Mon

        1. Nov 21 Tue

          1. Nov 22 Wed

            1. Nov 23 Thu

              1. Nov 24 Fri

                1. Nov 25 Sat

                  1. Nov 26 Sun

                    1. Nov 27 Mon

                      1. Nov 28 Tue

                        1. Nov 29 Wed

                          1. Nov 30 Thu

                          2. December 2017

                            1. Dec 01 Fri

                              1. 10:45-11:30
                                Reception Nativity dress rehearsalCrackley Hall hall
                            2. Dec 02 Sat

                              1. Dec 03 Sun

                                1. Dec 04 Mon

                                  1. Dec 05 Tue

                                    1. 09:30-10:30
                                      Nursery NativityCrackley Hall
                                    2. 14:00-15:15
                                      Reception NativityCrackley Hall
                                  2. Dec 06 Wed

                                    1. 14:00-15:00
                                      KS1 Nativity dress rehearsalCrackley Hall hall
                                  3. Dec 07 Thu

                                    1. Dec 08 Fri

                                      1. Dec 09 Sat

                                        1. Dec 10 Sun

                                          1. Dec 11 Mon

                                            1. Dec 12 Tue

                                              1. Dec 13 Wed

                                                1. Dec 14 Thu

                                                  1. Dec 15 Fri

                                                    1. Dec 16 Sat

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                                                    "I just wanted to put down in writing how much my husband, and I enjoyed the concert last night. It was so lovely to celebrate all the children's musical talents in an evening that was both slick and professional, yet also very relaxed.

                                                    It was clear that the children had worked extremely hard and were very proud to perform infront of their audience. Some of the musical talent is just outstanding, yet it was also lovely to enjoy the performances of those who are less confident or haven't been learning for as long."

                                                    Junior 5 Parent