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Crackley Compass

The Crackley Compass is a pupil recognition and reward programme. It is a set of ambitions based on the school’s ethos and values that aim to encourage and support all Crackley’s pupils and help them to get the best out of their time at the school.

The Compass fosters and develops seven skills, qualities and behaviours. It asks pupils to be Curious, Responsible, Active, Collaborative, Kind, to engage with Learning and be Enthusiastic. Acrostically spelling out ‘Crackley’ and represented and brought to life by seven animals, named by the children, the qualities in the Crackley Compass is an integral part of the children’s experience at school engaging them in their learning and helping to build confidence and self-esteem.

The new Crackley Compass friends help bring the pupil's ambitions to life, they include:

  • Sherlock the Meerkat who is Curious
  • Professor Penguin who is Responsible
  • Beezley the Bee who is Active
  • Archimedes the Ant who is Collaborative
  • Fin the Dolphin who is Kind
  • Beaky the Owl who is always Learning
  • Waggles the Dog who is Enthusiastic

All pupils are presented with an individual compass chart to encourage them on their journey to success.