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Planting Daffodils For Vocations Week

09 Nov

On the Wednesday 4 November 2020, the children at Crackley Hall, from Nursery up to Junior 6, went out in their year group bubbles to plant Daffodil bulbs.

RE Captain, Helayna Collins, explains, "We planted daffodils to brighten up the surroundings, to create memories and to remind us that things are always changing and growing. The children at Crackley will be able to look at the flowers and have a memory of planting them, but will also remember, that as a team we can get through anything and that there is always hope for the future.

Here are a few quotes for some of the Junior 6 children:

“It’s a great experience planting new life.” Scarlet Hammond 6H

Anabel Davis in 6V said “I like how everyone got involved and no one was left out.”

Isabel Reddish commented “I am grateful to the school for giving everyone a chance to brighten up the surroundings and help out the environment!”

“I think planting bulbs was a great idea and I enjoyed it thoroughly.” Amelia Hunt 6V

We would like to thank Mrs Jackson-Mayne and the Estates team for making this wonderful experience possible for us and look forward to seeing the flowers emerging in the new year."