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Surprise Visit By Father Christmas And His Reindeer For Enchanted Crackley Christmas Day

11 Dec

The magic of Christmas arrived early at Crackley when Father Christmas and his reindeers popped in to see us all on Enchanted Crackley Christmas day. 

The excitement in school has been building for weeks, with advent activities, noisy nativities and even a scrumptious Christmas dinner and then to top it all today, it was Christmas Jumper Day.

So, it was a super extra surprise for the children to be called down in turn in their class bubbles to discover our marvellous PTA elves and fairies had laid on a special treat.  In the outside classroom, courtesy of Woodbine Reindeer, Fergie and Buddy, some of Father Christmas' reindeer were waiting to meet the children. The reindeer keepers spoke to the children sharing fascinating reindeer facts, did you know that reindeer can see ultra violet light to help them find their favourite food, lichen moss, or that in the wild they can live in herds of thousands? The children were all captivated as they learned about our festive friends.

But of course, that wasn’t all, for accompanying the reindeer on their visit was the big man himself. Father Christmas had taken time off from all of his festive preparations to come and meet the children. In turn he spoke to each class asking and answering questions, discussing essentials such as who was and wasn’t on his list and what he liked to eat and drink, he even enjoyed listening to the children singing festive songs and carols before the elves sent the youngsters on their way, clutching small gifts of reindeer food and Christmas bells.

What a magical morning they all had, meeting Father Christmas and the reindeer.

A huge thank you to the PTA for organising this wonderful treat and to parents for funding this super memorable and special day.