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Pupils Love PTA’s Playground Makeover

23 Apr

Thanks to the PTA and The Playground Company pupils at Crackley Hall have a super new all-weather play area. 

Staff and pupils are delighted as the multi-purpose facilities will support both free play and structured learning activities.

The area at the bottom of the main playground, behind the netball courts, was barren and uneven and it has now been transformed. Over the Easter holidays the area was prepared with a rubber mulch before being overlaid with astro-turf. Damaged fencing was replaced, creating two separate areas to allow for flexibility of use. A balance beam and stepping stones were installed as play equipment for the children to explore. The trees were protected to allow them to continue to grow and a wonderful wooden gazebo constructed, that can be used both as a quiet retreat for the children at break and lunchtimes but also as a further outdoor classroom and teaching space.

Rob Duigan, Headmaster, said, “The children are loving the new area and have really enjoyed playing on it since being back at school. It’s a marvellous makeover that has provided the children with more space to run around and another flexible learning space. Many thanks to our wonderful PTA for all they do for the children here at Crackley Hall.”

Lucy Lamb, Chair of the PTA, said "The PTA are delighted with the work so far, and look forward to further enhancements over the summer holidays in preparation for the return to school in September." Lucy went on to say, "We are very grateful to the whole school community for supporting the PTA's  events that have made the playground makeover possible." She also expressed her gratitude to past committee members and officers, as without all their hard work and commitment the PTA would not have been able to achieve as much as it has to date.

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