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New Film Reveals That Crackley Hall School Is A Place To Learn, Grow And Develop

23 Sep

"What sort place is Crackley Hall School?" That’s the question that followers of our school’s social media have been teased with this week in the countdown to the premiere of the new school film.

The school has repeatedly posed the cryptic question alongside a series of images of children at school before the big reveal that took place today, Friday 23 September, at 4.00pm, when the new Crackley Hall School film was revealed.

Comments, Headmaster, Rob Duigan, “Crackley Hall School has long been known as ‘the next best place to home’ by its pupils, but it is also a place to learn, grow and develop. As children progress through the school from nursery to Junior 6, we see their self-esteem and confidence grow as they discover at an early age where their talents and passions lie. By the time they reach Junior 6, children have built strong foundations, socially and academically and are well-prepared for senior school life and beyond.”

Produced by the Foundation Marketing Team and award-winning Affixxius Films, the new school film was shot in the Trinity Term and captures glimpses of school life as staff support and guide the children on their individual journeys.

With thanks to the staff and children who took part (they were all stars!) and the film crew for bringing what makes Crackley so special to life on the screen.

We hope you enjoy it! We'd love you to like and share it on social media too!

You can watch the new school film here: A Place To Change

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