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Number Day Was A Whole Lot Of Fibonacci Fun

06 Feb

We marked Number Day here at Crackley Hall celebrating all thing Fibonacci while raising money to support the amazing work of the NSPCC. 

This year, for Number Day, the children have found out all about this famous mathematician and explored the amazing patterns within nature that he discovered.

Pupils have learned about Fibonacci numbers and Maths in the world around us. They have completed Fibonacci challenges building Fibonacci sequences and used them to draw spirals, patterns and pictures. Everyone has enjoyed learning why they are nature’s favourite numbers.

The children have also had great fun creating, measuring and even timing how long it takes them to make towers of coins from the loose change bought in to support the fundraising.

Number Day has been a whole lot of Fibonacci fun and all for a good cause too!

Don’t forget a whole school ‘Fibonacci themed da Vinci Challenge’ will be set for the February half term, so keep your eyes peeled for more information.


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