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Whole School Junior Da Vinci Sustainability Challenge

17 Nov

Over the Michaelmas half term pupils were challenged to create their own project on the topic of Sustainability and we were very impressed with the results. 

Mrs Cowlishaw asked pupils to explore ‘How does the food we eat directly impact the world around us?’ With more than half of habitable space on Earth currently used for food production and the world’s population likely to grow by 25% by the year 2050, sustainable food production is a key issue for the world to address.

Pupils were asked to explore the issue by examining the theme through one of three tasks:
1. Where does our food come from?
2. Plan a mini farm
3. Find out about sustainable farming methods

There were lots of entries from pupils from Reception up to Junior 6 and they focused on many different aspects and ideas, from considering food waste, exploring where food comes from, looking at the impact of food miles to even one which turned the school grounds into a farm. Pupils’ projects are on display in The Gables – if you get the chance, please do take a look. You can see some of them in the gallery here.

A huge well done to all who took part in our latest Junior da Vinci challenge, every pupil who submitted a project has been awarded a creativity strand for a Geography Junior da Vinci and some of the most outstanding entries will receive a full Junior da Vinci award. These will be presented during upcoming assemblies.

It was fantastic to see so many pupils taking on the JdV challenge, developing and stretching their learning skills on this important issue.