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Vocations Week Celebrates Gifts And Talents

07 Nov

Here at Crackley Hall our Vocations Week was a celebration of the mission God has for us in our lives. We are all given different gifts and talents that we can use to support and serve others in our communities.

The week began with ‘Saints Alive’, where members of our school and parish community volunteered to bring alive the Saints who represent each School House: St Joseph for Mars, St Francis for Saturn, St John Henry Newman for Venus and St Therese Liseux for Jupiter. Our 'Saints' were interviewed by their Houses, with the question and answer session helping the children to learn about their Saint's lives and the work that they did.

During the rest of the week over 40 parents visited Crackley Hall to speak to the children about their career and the gifts they use to carry out their different roles. We also had representatives from the Police and Fire Service, alongside members of the parish and wider community. The Vocational Wheel was a lovely opportunity for pupils to learn more about the variety of roles that can be done and for them to be inspired by the gifts required for the varying roles.

Mrs Jackson-Mayne would like to say a huge thank you on behalf of all the staff, to the parents, friends, and relatives who volunteered to come in during Vocations Week to tell the children about their role. It has been an amazing experience for the whole school – pupils and staff - and we couldn’t have done it without our fantastic Crackley community spirit!


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